Palo Cristi Stone

Palo Cristi Stone Masonry Company represents a select group of professional Arizona stone masons who are experienced in local stone applications for both residential and commercial construction in the Metro Phoenix area and Scottsdale. Quality workmanship and unsurpassed attention to detail have earned us a solid reputation among our discerning clientele of homeowners, contractors and commercial developers. We bring our years of professional experience and expertise to all stone installations as well as faux stone, veneers and concrete designs; our artisan stonemasons work in all formats, both adhered and mechanical, to deliver unparalleled results in any stone and architectural pre-cast installation.

We can create the classic and elegant, old-world appearance for a resort or a residential community, as well as either a modern industrial look or a contemporary design for a new office building, restaurant or shopping center.  We can upgrade existing structures with renovations and new facades that will completely alter the exterior appearance.  We can upgrade interiors with new stone finishes and superb workmanship that can elevate a modest design plan to a magnificent, stunning show-stopper. 

From the pre-design phase of a project through construction and delivery, we establish teamwork with property owners, architects, structural engineers, and specialized trades people. We are proud holders of a dual contractor's license for residential and commercial construction.

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